This is exactly why Transfers of Learning (ToL) designs, develops, delivers and evaluates custom workforce and organizational development solutions that generate the accelerated performance and business results our clients expect. Using a systematic approach to assess the performance system, we collect the necessary data to:

  • Uncover the root cause(s) to performance gaps.

  • Determine the performance factors needed for new capability development.

Leveraging data, we help clients make informed decisions about investments in the right workforce solution(s) to maximize performance and achieve measurable business results. Learning may be part of the solution, but rarely is the sole solution in solving performance challenges.

A Sample of Workforce Solutions: Onboarding | Skill Development | Leadership and Team Development | Microlearning/E-learning Development | Process Improvement | EHS & Compliance Training | Coaching | Performance Support

How Can We Support Your Workforce Performance and Organizational Development Needs?

Why Transfer

Solution Transfer is Key to Client Success

Why Transfer?

Transfer is the application of knowledge that has been learned in one situation to a new situation. At ToL we ensure that our customers own and can maintain the solutions we provide, long after we’re gone.
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The Right Learning Investments

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