Who We Are


ToL is comprised of a team of highly passionate, skilled, diverse learning and development professionals dedicated to designing innovative and agile workforce solutions that accelerate individual, team and organizational performance to drive business results.

ToL’s unique virtual network ensures that we match the right expertise with the skills and experience necessary to
design and develop the right solution(s)
to meet clients’ needs and opportunities.

Agile to Changing Needs

With our flexible network, ToL can scale and respond quickly to clients’ ever-changing environments through solutions focused on:

  • Enhanced onboarding experiences for accelerated time to productivity
  • Improved compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Focused process improvement for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Value-added upskilling for capability development
  • Improved engagement and application of online, classroom and virtual learner experiences
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities and team effectiveness
  • Bite-sized and agile approaches and pathways to learning just-in-time.

All examples of custom solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs.

Our Community Commitment

At ToL, we also believe passionately in giving back to the community and helping other small businesses succeed.

Our commitment to the community and education has involved; volunteering, serving on the Board of Directors, and Sponsorship of various community events and needs for organizations such as:

  • Good Samaritan Services provides a full continuum of care to individuals and families experiencing and at risk of homelessness.
  • The Alliance for Health Equity (formerly the Brandywine Health Foundation) strives to advance a more equitable, resilient and healthy community for all residents in the Greater Coatesville Area.
  • Hope Academy Fund invests in creating changemakers by offering children the opportunity to engage in academic enrichment programs, hands-on tutoring sessions and exciting extracurricular activities designed to foster critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and collaboration in communities across Africa.


“ToL’s analytical, organizational, follow-up and most importantly interpersonal skills make them a valuable contributor to any team.”
Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry [/su_frame]